Black Lives Matter

In light of recent events, I have decided to start a guerilla campaign in order to make sure that we are breaking through our social media circle, when sharing important information on the black lives matter movements. 

Tell Everyone

On Wednesday the 3rd of June, there was a black lives matter protest. I  carried around a sign with a link to #bellymujinga petition. In hope that more people sign it.

I also had carried out an idea that I would love other people do, which is to share the links to BLM websites, charities and accounts in your local area. I realised that we as a community need to make sure that we are breaking through our social media circle and getting this information to everyone with a phone.





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Apple - Unsigned Stories 

Through my university, I created a project for the technology company Apple. To show what creative work can be made using Apple's products.


I used both a Macbook Pro and Ipad Pro to edit a series of images. 

Meet Shima

Shima is an artist and producer from London. Shima does not make music to be idolized by fans no reason; he is passionate about making music because he likes and enjoys it. I worked with him to create a two photoshoots.

  • Showing his journey from his main home in Cheshunt, so his student accommodation in South East London.

  • A creative shoot where we only see as much Shimas light lets us. 

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02 Predictions

Through my university, I had created a campaign for the O2 building in London North Greenwich. To encourage people to try new things when they go to the O2. 

What will you do?

 I used the visual theme of machinery that gives you choices throughout my campaign. The video and imagery would be displayed on the screens surrounding the O2 on their website and social media.

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Wild Fizz

Through my university, I was able to work with the successful kombucha brand "Wild Fizz". Where I created a promotional campaign for the drinks.